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Episode 56 - Preparing For Trial With Catheline Georges

You see the evolution of the woman before you… they come out of the process a completely different person” – Cat Georges, Esq.

In this episode, Catheline Georges, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, to discuss preparing for trial and what to do during trial.

Episode 55 - Getting Rid of the Guilt and Shame of Divorce With Kristen Marcroft

Women have been and still are holding up the world, if we could get out of our own way, we could also rule it” – Kristen Marcroft, Esq.

In this episode, Kristen Marcroft, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, to discuss guilt and shame caused by divorce, the difference between guilt and shame and letting go to overcome.

Episode 54 - The Divorce Timeline with Meghan Freed

"Divorce can unlock people and help them.. live the life they have wanted to be living” – Meghan Freed, Esq.

In this episode, Meghan Freed, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, to discuss the divorce timeline and managing expectations. They speak about the divorce timeline overview and contested vs uncontested divorce along with mediation, trial and expectations.

Episode 53 - Preparing for Divorce with Sara Khaki

“They want to figure a lot of the financial things out before they talk to an attorney…a good attorney will help you figure those things out. That is like cleaning the house before the maid comes over.” – Sara Khaki, Esq.

In this episode, Sara Khaki, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, to discuss preparing for divorce. They cover the personal and financial steps for preparing for divorce, and the importance of client participation.

Episode 52 - Hiring a Divorce Attorney with Holly J. Moore

“There has to be some sort of alignment on core values – what is more important to you.” – Holly J. Moore, Esq.

In this episode, Holly J. Moore, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, to discuss hiring a divorce attorney. They discuss what to consider when hiring an attorney and what to expect during the consultation. “Trust is huge” – Holly J. Moore, Esq.

Episode 51 - How the Economy Affects Divorce with Jenny Bradley

“A strained marriage is even more strained when finances get tight.” – Jenny Bradley, Esq.

In this episode, Jenny Bradley, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women’s Law Group, to discuss the current economy and divorce. They dive into inflation, cost of living, and how to manage economic changes and how the economy can affect the divorce process. “Is it cheaper to keep them or leave them part of the discussion?” - Jenny Bradley, Esq.

Episode 50 - How to Decide on Divorce & What Happens First with Julie Rountree

“Many women need to hear that they deserve to be happy.” – Julie Rountree, Esq.

In this episode, Julie Rountree, Esq., joins Heather Quick, Owner & Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, to discuss making the decision and preparing for divorce. They cover how to decide on divorce, what happens first, and what to do after you hire an attorney. “There is a lot of fear there, mainly fear of the unknown” – Julie Rountree, Esq.

Episode 49 - Top Reasons for Divorce with Katherine Miller

It is a well-known statistic that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. Marriage’s ebb and flow, go through rough patches, tragedy and tough times. But why are people divorcing? Couples divorce for all sorts of reasons and in most cases, it is more than one. In our history of practicing family law, we have seen a few common reasons for divorce.

I am joined by Katherine Miller, a family law attorney and owner of Miller Law Group in New York. She’s practiced collaborative family law for over 24 years and is the host of her podcast, The Divorce Dialogues.

You may recognize some of these problems in your own marriage and knowing that they can likely lead to divorce can help you try to fix it.

Listen for Info on:
· 6 common reasons for divorce
· Each person plays a part in the problems of a marriage
“Taking the high road means focusing on what’s important to you, not fighting for
fighting sake.”

Episode 48 - When is Enough, Enough with Anna Durstein

So many women ask me how do they know when it’s time to end their marriage. I wish I could tell them a definite answer but there isn’t one. Surprisingly it isn’t some major blowup that is the deciding factor to leave. There isn’t a big neon sign that flashes and says abort now. In most cases it’s an accumulation of a bunch of little things. For women, deciding to divorce is not an impulse decision. On average, most women have been thinking about it for 4 years.

I'm joined in this episode by Anna Durstein, partner and attorney at Florida Women's Law Group.

We will talk about:

  • What if there isn't anything specifically wrong, you're just not fulfilled?

  • How marriages and couples change over time.

  • What about the children?

  • Why women wait so long when they are unhappy.

Episode 47 - The Female Breadwinner & Divorce

Being the wife and the primary income generator is a new dynamic in marriages these days. It is not uncommon for a wife to work but when she is bringing in more than 60% of the income, she is considered the breadwinner. The implications of divorce will be very different for the wife who is the breadwinner than other wives. There is more preparation that must be made and there is potential for her to have to pay alimony and/or child support.

This episode covers:

  • Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, corporate executive, lawyer
    physician the first step is to get an accurate picture of your finances.

  • · If you are the higher earner you may have to pay alimony for a specified period of time.

  • · A post-nup can be beneficial for the high earning woman.

  • · Do your due diligence and educate yourself before telling your husband.

Episode 46 - Divorce & the Stay-at-Home Mom

Deciding to divorce is a difficult decision. It's especially difficult for the woman who stays home and raises the children. She's given up her career, education and earning potential to be the provider at home. Sacrificing her ambitions to support those of her husband.

The stay-at-home mom worries about how she will pay for the divorce, support herself and her children, retirement, and where she will live, all without access to money. This fear of the unknown can keep women in unhappy marriages. There are things you can do to prepare and help take control of the situation.

In this episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather discusses how the stay-at-home mom tackles divorce.

This episode covers:

  • Initial steps to take to prepare for divorce

  • How to pay for legal fees

  • Determining current cost of living and what it will cost on your own

  • Alimony and child support

  • Going back to work

Episode 45 - Divorce in the Current Economy

Heather Quick, owner and attorney of Florida Women’s Law Group, talks through current economy & divorce. She covers high inflation and cost of living how it affects divorce and what you can do.

Episode 44 - Resolutions vs Goals

In today’s episode, Heather Quick, owner and attorney at Florida Women’s Law Group talks about Resolutions vs Goals. She discusses the difference between resolutions and goals, how to set goals and achieve them, and goals for divorce.

Episode 43 - The Holidays After Divorce

Today, Heather Quick, owner and attorney of Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses holidays after divorce. She covers feelings and first holiday after divorce and how to get through it.

Episode 42 - Overcoming the Shame & Guilt of Divorce

In today’s episode, Heather Quick, Owner and Attorney, at Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses letting go of the same and guilt of divorce. Heather talks about the difference between shame and guilt, how divorce causes you to feel that way and how to overcome those feelings.

Episode 41 - The Effect of Mental Illness on a Marriage

In this episode, Heather Quick, discusses mental illness in marriage. She discusses mental health in US and divorce, how mental illness effects marriage and divorcing a spouse with mental health issues.

Episode 40 - Florida Women’s Law Group’s FAQs

Heather Quick, answers the most frequent questions her and her law firm, Florida Women’s Law Group, receive.

Episode 39 - Surviving the Holidays in an Unhappy Marriage

Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, talks about Holidays in an unhappy marriage. She discussed the stress of holidays PLUS an unhappy marriage and strategies to survive the holidays.

Episode 38 - Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

In this episode, Heather Quick, discusses why women stay in abusive relationships. She dives into leaving an abusive relationship and reasons why women stay.

Episode 37 - Gaslighting

Heather Quick discusses gaslighting. She explains what it is, where it comes from and why along with gaslighting techniques and what to do if you’re being gaslighted.

Episode 36 - Understanding Parenting Plans

Heather Quick, owner and attorney for Florida Women’s Law Group talks Parenting Plans in episode 36. She dives into defining parenting plans, what to include in your parenting plan and what apps to use for co-parenting.

Episode 35 - Enforcing Child Support and Alimony

Heather Quick talks enforcement orders in today’s episode of Women Winning Divorce. She covers the process of Contempt of Court and Enforcement of Order, Custody, Child Support and Alimony along with Divisional Decree Violations.

Episode 34 - What Empowering Women Means to Florida Women’s Law Group

Heather Quick, owner and attorney of Florida Women’s Law Group, shares what empowering women means to Florida Women’s Law Group. She explains why client’s need to be empowered, how to not be victim and how Florida Women’s Law Group helps.

Episode 33- Telling Your Adult Children You Are Divorcing

This week’s episode will share how to tell college-aged and adult children you’re divorcing. She covers how to tell them and what to expect, their reactions and feelings along with how to not overshare or treat them like an adult friend.

Episode 32 - How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

Heather Quick, owner and attorney at Florida Women’s Law Group discusses how to tell children you’re divorcing. She discusses how to prepare yourself and what you should and should not say along with handling their reactions.

Episode 31 - Having the Divorce Conversation With Your Husband

In today’s episode, Heather Quick, shares how to have the divorce conversation. She covers the topics of what to do before you talk to him, how to plan for the conversation and then have the conversation.

Episode 30 - When is Enough, Enough?

This week Heather Quick, owner and attorney at Florida Women’s Law Group talks about when is enough, enough? She talks about knowing when it’s time to leave, when you’re just not happy and why women wait so long.

Episode 29 - Hiring a Divorce Attorney

This week Heather talks through hiring a Divorce Attorney and the importance of compromise. She covers things to consider when hiring a divorce attorney and how compromising in your divorce will get you what you want.

Episode 28 - The Difference Between a Paid Consultation and a Free Consultation

This week Heather discusses the difference between a paid consult and a free consult when meeting with a divorce attorney. She also details what to expect in your first consultation with Florida Women's Law Group.

Episode 27 - The Divorce Timeline & Managing Expectations

In this episode, Heather Quick, owner and attorney at Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses the Divorce Timeline and Managing Expectations. She dives into contested and uncontested divorce, mediation, trial and managing expectations.

Episode 26 - Top Reasons for Divorce

Today Heather Quick talks about the top reasons for divorce. She discusses why people get divorced, incompatibility along with infidelity and addiction/abuse.

Episode 25 - Legally Preparing Your Children for College

In this episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather discusses legally preparing your children for college. Heather provides an overview of the importance of preparing children for college, including legal forms and permissions that you should discuss before college drop-off. Listen to learn the importance of HIPAA, FERPA and power of attorney in the college context.

Episode 24 - Modifying a Divorce Decree

In this episode of Women Winning Divorce, join Heather as she discusses modifying a divorce decree. Heather details the process for modifying the divorce, including alimony, child support, custody and relocation terms.

Episode 23 - Dating After Divorce

In this episode, join Heather as she discusses dating after divorce. Heather will share tips on what to do before you start dating and when you are ready to date. Most important - Heather addresses the legal implications of dating after divorce.

Episode 22 - Financial Life After Divorce

Are you recently divorced? Your financial circumstances have likely changed as a result of your divorce. Join Heather as she discusses financial life after divorce and what you can do to protect your financial future.

Episode 21 - Preparing for a Divorce Trial

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Episode 20 - What to Expect at a Divorce Trial

In this episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather discusses what to expect if your divorce goes to trial. While most divorces settle before or at mediation, it is important to understand what happens if your divorce case ends up going to a trial before the judge.

Episode 19 - Coparenting With a Narcissist

On this episode of Women Winning Divorce, the focus is on co-parenting with a narcissist. Heather discusses the challenges of co-parenting with a narcissist, how to avoid falling into the narcissist's traps, and navigating your ex's manipulation of your children.

Episode 17 - Married to a Narcissist

In this episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather discusses what it is like being married to a narcissist. Being married to a narcissist includes specific patterns of behavior and challenges that are difficult to overcome.

Episode 16 - The Narcissist Abuse Cycle

In this episode, we dive deeper into how the narcissist isolates and gaslights their partners. Heather discusses the narcissist's cycle of abuse and what is included in each phase.

Episode 15 - Identifying a Narcissist

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Episode 14 - Substance Abuse

In this episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather Quick takes a look at the impact of substance abuse and addiction on divorce, and strategies women can use to protect themselves and their families from the entailed risks.

Episode 13 - Financial Abuse

In this episode we discuss how women can be victims of financial abuse. We explore strategies to protect women's financial interests during divorce proceedings.

Episode 12 - Physical & Emotional Abuse

Physical and Emotional Abuse is a very serious topic, and one that is hard to thoroughly capture on a 1-hour podcast. In this episode, we try to unpack what this abuse looks like, what you should do as a victim, and what resources are available to help.

Episode 11 - Preparing for Life After Divorce

In this episode we dive into the topic of life after divorce. Becoming a single mom is tough. How best can we navigate the pitfalls that catch others who may not be on the lookout for life's adversities?

Episode 10 - The Basics of Grey Divorce

In this episode Heather examines the intricacies of "Gray Divorce". What is it? Who is it for? Why does it exist? Learn all about it, and your rights during the divorce on this episode of Women Winning Divorce.

Episode 9 - Understanding Pre- and Post-Nuptials

In this ninth episode of Women, Heather talks about prenups and postnups. Does a prenup mean someone is a gold digger? When should you get a prenup? When should you consider a postnup?

Episode 8 - Preparing for Mediation

In this episode, Heather talks about how to prepare for mediation. Does it matter how you present yourself? Who has the final say on the outcome of mediation? How important is client participation? The better prepared you are for it the more successful the outcome.

Episode 7 - Everything You Need to Know About Mediation

In this seventh episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather Quick talks about mediation in Florida. Mediation is required in all divorce cases in Florida. Learn what mediation is, what you can expect and the importance of having an attorney with you at mediation.

Episode 6 - Alimony and the Financial Affidavit

In this sixth episode of Women Winning Divorce, Florida Women's Law Group CEO, owner and attorney, Heather Quick talks more about alimony. She explains the importance of the financial affidavit, whether alimony can be negotiated and whether infidelity has any impact on alimony.

Episode 5 - Alimony in Florida

In this fifth episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather Quick defines the different types of alimony allowed in the state of Florida including temporary, bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational and permanent alimony.

Episode 4 - Understanding Child Support

In this fourth episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather Quick focuses on child support. She answers questions about how child support is determined, whether child support can be modified, if there are penalties for not paying, what happens if a special needs child is involved and whether grandparents have rights.

Episode 3 - Child Custody and Parenting Plans in Florida

In this the episode of Women Winning Divorce, Heather discusses child custody and parenting plans in Florida. Addressing topics such as: how courts determine custody, what goes into a parenting plan and how to be successful in your custody case.

Episode 2 - Steps to Prepare For Divorce

In this second episode of Women Winning Divorce, Florida Women's Law Group CEO, owner and attorney, Heather Quick talks about preparing for divorce. How do you know it's time to divorce? What are the financial and personal steps to prepare for your divorce?

Episode 1

In our first episode of “Women Winning Divorce,” we get to know Florida Women’s Law Group CEO, owner and attorney, Heather Quick. Heather highlights her experience and what led her to start a women’s-only family law practice. Heather and Host, Julie Morgan from WOKV in Jacksonville, discuss what family law is and more specifically, family law in Florida. With over 20 years of experience, Heather provides insight into divorce, paternity, pre-nups, child custody and more family law issues.

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